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Medical Services

Royal Care International  is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care . Our wide range of services, coupled with the friendly demeanor of our dedicated staff, ensures the best experience possible, for all our members.

Royal Care International offers a wide range of plans, each tailored to meet your unique needs. Our plans covers  the following services:

Outpatient services which include:-

  1. Medical examinations and consultations
  2.  Medications
  3. Laboratory investigations
  4. Radiological examinations
  5. Physiotherapy sessions
  6. Ambulance

Inpatient services which include:-

  1. Hospital admission
  2. Surgical theaters fees
  3. Consultants medical follow up
  4. Nursing     
  5. Medications    
  6. Consumables
  7. Day Case surgeries    
  8. Intensive care admission    
  9. Endoscopic surgeries   

Extra Benefits (optional) :-

  1. Dental Care (basic plan)   
  2. Dental Prosthesis (Advanced services)   
  3. Vision examination and glasses   
  4. Contact lenses (Advanced services)      
  5. Antenatal Care and maternity

Additional provided services :-

  1. Checkup programs     
  2. Preventive medical programs    
  3. Industrial preventive measures    
  4. Vaccinations Organ transplantations    
  5. Rehabilitation and rest cures    
  6. Geriatric care    
  7. Cosmetic and plastic surgeries

In addition to our dedicated Hotlines 24/7 facilitating all medical services and replying to all medical inquiries and complaints.

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