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Royal Care International S.A.E  was founded in 2004  by an elite of  founders having a wide experience in the field of medical insurance, health care management and medicine in general, who shared a vision of creating a compassionate care service that would treat people with respect, dignity, and first-rate care.

Since its inception, Royal Care International  has grown a staff of experienced physicians,pharmacists,customer service coordinators besides our providers. Our staff  are experienced, well-educated, and committed to ensuring a high-quality of service  for all of our cherished clients. All of our staff must pass a rigorous background check before joining the Royal Care International team.

Royal Care International founders & management team

Dr. Sherif Abou El Yamin Founder, shareholder & Former Chairman and CEO (2004-2016)

A pioneer in  the field of medical insurance and health care management , He had an experience of almost 30 years in the field. was and will remain  a corner stone & a main founder and contributor to the establishment and growth of  Royal Care International , was the Chairperson & CEO for the company till he passed away on June 2016

Since 1982 he has worked as a medical consultant and medical operations manager for a lot of Egyptian Insurance companies and health care management companies (TPA) or through his own created medical care management system for more than 100 organizations in Egypt.

On 1995 he received a special certificate by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate for his outstanding  efforts to facilitate medical services in Egypt.

On January 1999 nominated as one of "2000 outstanding scientists of the 20th century" by the International Biographical center Cambridge England for his contribution in the field of Medical Insurance Management.

Dr.Virginia Youssef  Founder, Shareholder, Chairperson & CEO

Has a wide experience in the field of medical insurance and health care management in the private sector in Egypt for more than 15 years.

Selected as an honored member of the WHO'S WHO Historical Society for the years 2008 and 2010, selection for inclusion in this organization and membership is a testament to the professional, academic and civic achievement of the member.

Managing Director  for Royal Care International  from May 2004 till April 2016

Chairperson & CEO since June 2016 .

Eng. Ahmed Atef  Abdou Shareholder & CEO

Eng Atef  joined the management team on 2016, as he is highly professional & experienced  in managing both local & international projects in the healthcare field.


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